Bring Out the Leader From Within

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This article really is meant for those who want to be leaders however somewhere inside feel they really don't have it in them; feel others are better, they don't have the characteristic traits of a Leader etc.

Read on... and realize that YES YOU DO - You have a leader within.

Everyone has a thought within - 'To Be A Leader' someday. Today I am happy & proud to be in that role professionally. When I analyze the evolution of myself into who I am today I realize it really started a long long time ago - when I was just a kiddo.

We looked up to our parents and family members or simply those who we termed as the 'Adults', secretly wishing we were like them. At that tender age we wanted to have authority like them, make decisions like them, have others listen to us etc. We then tried in our weird way to emulate these qualities with our friends, peers or maybe even with our brothers or sisters little realizing this was actually the start of a leadership education, the start of the development process of becoming tomorrows leader.

Through this little analysis I realized the saying - "people are born leaders" is really not true. All of us have a 'leader' within. It's really about realizing this and then making something out of it.

A great part of the realization that we all have a 'Leader within' comes from our upbringing. If we don't realize this early enough, we grow to become 'followers'. This inherent trait is most often not encouraged and developed mostly out of ignorance that everyone has the ability to be a leader.

Today we live in a world wherein we are in great need of 'Leaders'. A true leader is someone who with the Authority given understands clearly the role, the responsibility and importance this simple position carries.

Today we live in a world of domination. Someone somewhere is always being dominated by another.

Today we live in a world where many of us actually want to be 'followers' so that we needn't have to take the rap for failures or have to be bothered with responsibilities. We see the world going to pieces and yet we'd rather turn a blind eye.

The truth is we need people to realize that there exists a true leader in all of us and the world needs it.

It's deep down within. A little introspection, a little encouragement, a little understanding and this can show. All of us have this quality and capability to bring it out, use it effectively and make a difference.

Actually think about this - at any given time in one form or another we are 'leading' someone. Be it through our role as a parent, or maybe our role as a husband or wife, our role as a neighbor, or our role as an elder sibling etc. The best part of this is that most of us fulfill this leadership trait with élan. We so clearly understand the role, the responsibility and accountability this position plays. So lets use this knowledge and realize that YES we can make more out of it!

The very basic and core part of becoming a 'true leader' is to start with first being a 100% true to who you really are. Many make this very mistake. Don't be who you think other want you to be. This is what separates a true leader from an average one. This is what defines success.

What are the very basic traits of a 'Good leader'? Someone who is clear about his/her goal. Someone who can communicate clearly what he/she would like to express. Someone who is organized, who inspires others, who practices what he/she preaches. Someone who believes in the task and understands the importance of ensuring success toward achieving it.

Now tell me aren't these qualities actually in all of us?

So make a start by simply believing that YES you, the little shy guy in the classroom, the demure assistant at work, the cobbler on Main Street or simply the 'dreamer', actually has a leader within you. YOU are tomorrow, You are what the world needs.

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Bring Out the Leader From Within

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This article was published on 2010/04/02