How To Be A Better Leader

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Being head of the newspaper or yearbook or any type of publication can prove to be more work than normally expected. Being on the staff proves a much different jobs than being in charge on the staff. You go from sitting in drafting chairs to sitting at the head of drafting tables. It is easy to be eager to take on such positions, especially if you are naturally gifted at the subject. Leading sounds good and easy for those who are talented and good at taking on responsibility, but it can bring a lot more difficulty than one expects. People expect a lot from their leaders and do not want to see them fail. Here is some advice to ease the stress of taking on a lot of responsibility.

First things first, make sure you have a strong support base. The number one task of a leader is to delegate. Yes you are in charge but you should not be the one who has to do everything. You should be the one who takes charge of things and organizes it; you do not need to be the one who actually does everything. Knowing everything that has to get done and attempting to do it all will only drive you crazy. However, when picking the people you are going to delegate to, chose wisely. Make sure it is someone who will get things done when they need to be done. Being a babysitter is the last thing you will want to add to your to-do list.

Also, do not be afraid to be honest. You cannot make everyone happy all the time. If something needs to get done, you cannot sit around trying to please everyone. In some cases, you will never find a way to make everyone happy so you will just have to make a decision. People will appreciate the fact that a solution was made rather than futzing around all day. You may make a few instant enemies, but they will get over it eventually. Not everyone realizes how difficult it is to try to be a peacemaker, so they will give you a rough time at first.

Next, do not over book yourself. You will be tempted to take everything on your own shoulders because you know it will get accomplished effectively that way. Do not let that be what ruins you; because it will. People have a tendency to lead all like to take charge of things. This can be as good as it is bad. You will be frustrated by other people and by the need to let them help. As much as you will want to do it all by yourself, you cannot. Even if you could get it all done fine, you would not be being a leader. One of the most important jobs of a leader is to show others how to be responsible. Delegation is not just about managing something effectively. It is about giving everyone a little piece of responsibility. The little jobs you give them are going to be what allows them to learn and blossom into a leader for themselves.

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How To Be A Better Leader

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This article was published on 2010/12/15