Leadership Qualities - The Traits That Make a Good Leader

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Obviously, not everyone is going to be a leader and even fewer of us are natural-born leaders. Did a light bulb go on just now? That's right, most people learn how to be a leader. They're not born that way. Just like Sydney Crosby, Mohammed Ali, Tiger Woods, etc., etc., did not know how to do the sports that the excel at right from birth. They had to learn the basics and develop skills in which their natural talents helped them grow to be the super stars that they are or had become. Like my friend John C. Maxwell said "Talent is Never Enough" (it's an excellent book and I highly recommend it!). Some people are born with natural leadership skills but without training and growth they, or you, will never become the leader that you are destined to be.

So what qualities do leaders possess? There are many, but like I just mentioned, they can be learned and implemented by anyone. I'm not going to list everything here as there are too many and there are a lot more books available on the subject that you can read and gain more insight from. So, I'm just going to discuss the ones that I believe are the most important for you to be successful in network marketing.

Listening. There have been way too many times to mention where I was trying to ask a leader of mine or a mentor a question and they didn't listen to what I was asking. They'd jump in and interrupt me or disregard my question. You as a leader need to be able to listen to what people are saying to you. Listen to their questions and concerns. Pay attention to them. Respect them. Nothing will destroy their respect for you quicker than you not listening to their questions and concerns. They are talking to you because they want what you have and they want your respect, so respect them back. That said, they also need to listen to you and respect your advise, so it is a two-way street. At times, and for some people, they really have troubles with this one. There's a saying that I've heard a lot about this "God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we could listen twice as much as we speak". Practice it. You'd be amazed at how your family, friends, and down-line will react to you.

Willingness to Learn. But you're a mentor, don't you know everything? Ha ha...you don't know everything, nobody does, so don't kid yourself and preach that. You still need to learn and grow on a daily basis. If you're not learning and improving yourself somehow you're not going to be the leader that you want to be. You'll be letting yourself and you're group down if you aren't growing.

Spend time reading and putting things into practice. You'd be surprised at how many adults spend time sitting in front of the the television watching Survivor and Wife Swap. In the end, doing that won't amount to anything significant in your life. I'm not saying to not watch television (I'm a big fan of The Office and Lost) but there has to be time daily for personal growth. I love reading and that love has been more forced on me. I didn't really like to read books, especially ones that had to do with self development. I preferred mystery novels and guitar magazines and I still do, but I take time to read these books as much as I can. I recommend that you read How to Win Friends and Influence People once a year or more if you can.

Spend time with your mentors. Talk on the phone once a week. Set up regularly scheduled meeting times with them. Write down questions and concerns or information that you want to share with them so that you don't waste their time too much. If you aren't that close to them, read their web pages and blogs, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, and listen to their webcasts, podcasts, CDs, and YouTube broadcasts. There is so much information available to you that is free or reasonably inexpensive that you'd be crazy not to tap into it. It can be a bit overwhelming so don't feel that you need to learn everything overnight. Take some time to absorb the information and you'll be amazed at how you'll transform.

Be accountable. This one definitely took, and still takes, me a lot of effort to do. I have issues with being on time and sticking to schedules. This is so important to be on time as people are expecting you to be at a specific place at a specific time. So be early! Also this goes beyond being on time. It means to do what you say that you are going to do. If you tell a prospect or your down-line that you're going to do something you had better do it. If you don't, you will lose credibility with them and they'll start to lose respect, especially if you do it more than once.

Integrity. This is so important. People inherently want to follow someone good. Someone that they can look up to. We've seen through history that people do follow leaders that have been malicious and horrible but fear is a strong motivator. I believe that you get more from providing a positive environment than one that is full of poison. Integrity is very important to have. That means that you do everything as per the manual and with good intentions. People want to be proud that they are following someone that is doing good work.

Consistency. All leaders must be consistent with their work. Do your prospecting consistently. Follow up with clients consistently. Mentor consistently. Do self development consistently. Your protege and rest of your downline will pick up on this and do their work on a consistent basis as well.

Be humble (admitting to mistakes). Everyone makes mistakes. That is how we learn. It makes you a better leader to admit to people that you've made mistakes as well. It shows them that you are human and gives them hope that they can achieve what you've got. At times this is extremely difficult, especially if you've wronged someone, but it will only build your credibility and respect with your group.

Take action. In this industry, duplication is extremely important. You must have a plan for your group to be successful. The key to this is to take action to make the plan work. Most people plan until they're blue in the face but don't take any action to implement it or only start it until they fail then they quit. Taking action will help to activate your business. Action is the easiest thing for your protege and downline to duplicate. If you're talking to prospects, they'll do the same thing. If you are building up your clients, they will also. You see.....the power of duplication through the power of action!

Understand the business. Lastly on my list of qualities of a leader is that a leader needs to understand the business that they are a part of. It doesn't mean that you need to know everything about it but you need to know the fundamentals of it and to keep learning more about it. The network marketing industry is huge and it goes beyond just one organization. There is a ton of information out there that can be used in any business model. Your group and downline will know to come to you and your protege for issues as you understand the business. You can help them or know where to go for answers which is why they come to you. This ability to help them with their issues established you as the leader so make sure you learn and keep learning so you can keep helping them.

Start with these eight qualities to work on. You'll be amazed at how you will personally change. Others will see these changes for sure which will cause your business to change as well.

Here's a hint to make your business explode: In order for your business to really grow, you must first grow.

Once you've finished reading this, make sure you go and start to do your work. Talk to your mentor, or get one, read and put the practices into action.

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Leadership Qualities - The Traits That Make a Good Leader

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This article was published on 2010/04/01