Personality Traits of an Aries

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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mars, and symbolized by the ram.  As the first sign, Aries are often movers and shakers.  While challenges may strike fear in many of us, Aries love them.  Because of this, many people see them as courageous and brave.  Born leaders, they will often be seen as responsible and steady.  However, like their symbol the ram, Aires can also be obstinate and unwilling to compromise.

Aries make great leaders whether they choose to go into politics, the military, or the public sector.  As a leader, an Aries loves to come up with new ways to do things and never shies away from implementing those ideas.  They also hold freedom very dear.  Others often see them as determined, exciting, and energetic people who usually find themselves in the middle of the action.  Part of what makes an Aries a great leader is the fact that he or she is genuinely concerned about the welfare of others and exudes a charisma that few other signs can match.  They are also very forthright and candid, characteristics most people admire in a leader.

Going hand in hand with being a good leader, Aries are also highly organized people.  He or she may be the person that organizes the neighborhood watch, a charity drive, or a sports league.  Enthusiasm and energy gives them the ability to come up with great ideas and then realize them and get others to follow.  Although they are quick to take charge, their personality is such that others immediately trust them and let them take the reins.  Always concerned about the underdogs, you will usually find Aries at the forefront of charities and causes.  They will work non-stop on something they feel passionate about.

A weakness of Aries is that they like to run the entire show.  As a leader, they can be confrontational and willful.  Tempers may flair if anyone questions their authority and Aries can often hold grudges.  If they feel challenged by another, they may look for another cause rather than share the spotlight.  Aries may also lose interest in their work if they don't see quick results.  This may also cause them to move on to another project.  Aries are great at starting things, but many have a problem seeing things through to the very end.

Aries children are often opinionated to the point of being brutally honest.  They are confident and love to explore new ideas and new places.  They may not like to follow rules as even at a young age, an Aries likes to lead.  Using logic may help parents set safe boundaries for young Aries.  They may be very competitive with other children, which may cause problems at school.  They simply think they should be number one and if not, they may not respond well.  They may show great interest in some things, but often routine chores will bore them.

Physically, Aries are susceptible to problems with their head, brain, and eyes.  They may experience headaches, fevers, or injuries to their head.  While they may experience mental problems, their determination often helps them through it.

Aries are strong, determined people who love to lead others.  They will take up a cause, especially for those most discriminated against, but, they don't want to share the spotlight.  If others question their motives or actions, they may become angry or even leave to find another cause.

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Personality Traits of an Aries

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This article was published on 2010/10/26