Politics is acquisition management & distribution of power

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 ‘Politics is acquisition, management & distribution of power’, this is what I learned in my International Relations class in University. But, how to acquire and manage power?

I will take a look at this question with the help of 8 different terms that have been defined on CNN website in ‘eight things for future leaders’.

We all know politics is acquiring power (as I have already mentioned it above). However, after acquiring power one has to manage it, and mind you, managing is hard in a world full of conspirators and blamers.

  1. Learn to observe from balcony:

When you have acquired power, you automatically become a leader. Now a leader needs to have a clear observation or an eagle eye view about the prospects that he is using. Because in a problem and scenario where one cannot judge a leader need to take a few steps back so that he can judge the problem and then get to its core in a simple way.

  1. Just:

Ideally in politics it’s all about the distribution of power. But for a leader, it's as important to be just as drinking water from a glass. Justice is the first thing that is seen by many in a leader. In addition, it that is found missing in a leader than he will lose his value.

  1. Rely on the back:

No person on this earth is anything without his back. I am not talking about his physical back, but his partners, family and friends. Those who have friends in higher places are considered to be more influential in such cases where others often lose hope.

  1. Consistent about values:

Values, whether they are traditional, cultural or anything else is of core importance to people around the world. A saying is, when in Rome do as the Romans do. SO, stick to that and respect values of the place where you stay.

  1. Knowing is half the battle:

In every problem, remember who the competitor is, and making decisions on that basis are considered very effective. For example, in tasks in the army, they focus on the competitor and design their strategies in the same way to get an upper hand.

  1. Classic and convertible:

Be a classic and convertible leader. When it is time for being the classical, be like that and when you feel like a change in mood is needed turn yourself in.

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Politics is acquisition management & distribution of power

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Politics is acquisition management & distribution of power

This article was published on 2013/05/07
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