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To be a leader needs a lot of skills both from your born instincts and efforts after birth. Then, how to be a leader? The followings may help you:

Set an Example: Remember when we were kids, we would play that game follow the leader? Well, inadvertently, we still do. Hence, it is very important that the leader himself displays the characteristics and traits which he wants his subordinates to follow. By setting a good example for others, the leader should set a performance benchmark for the rest of the employees.

Enthusiasm: Let's face it. No one likes a grumpy boss. Discipline is one thing, but a leader should look like he is genuinely enjoying the job. For example, if he wants to promote a laser pointer, he must put his heart on it. The important leadership challenge is to create a pleasant working environment which fosters effective upward and downward communication of ideas. If the leader doesn't seem to enjoy the work he's doing, what kind of example is he setting on the rest of the employees?

Vision and Direction: What is a leader without a vision? A leader should have a clear vision of what he wants his business to look like after a few years. But a vision is not enough. A leader should also be able to create a pathway in order to reach his goal. He needs to know what steps he has to take to accomplish his vision. A leader also needs to ensure that his subordinates too, share the vision and the entire organization is motivated enough to fulfill this 'shared vision'.

Clarity in Thinking: A good leader is a clear thinker. Often, in times of crisis in the business due to a hostile internal or external business environment, the vision and thinking of people get clouded. In such times, it is up to the leader to act as the guiding light to his subordinates and show them the way out of the business crisis.

Motivate Others: A leader is self motivated as he is working towards his vision. But what about his subordinates? One can easily assume that the subordinates aren't quite part of this vision so what is it that motivates them to work? The leader. A leader is supposed to sell his vision and goals to his employees. By sell, I do not merely mean with monetary incentives, but the vision that the leader sets should be persuasive enough that the employees feel like becoming a part of that vision. For this, a leader needs to have very good people-skills. A leader should also make his subordinates feel like they are part of the team and not alienate them with the traditional 'I am the boss, you're not' mentality. A leader should be able to extract the best from his employees through a shared vision and collective effort, not merely through coercion.



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Tell You How to Be a Leader

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This article was published on 2010/11/23